The Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

Yes, read that title again...that is exactly what I wanted to write.  The uncomfortable comfort zone...confusing right?   Let me try to explain...

It is that area in your life where you are unhappy, unfilled, and sometimes just plain miserable but we stay there because it is a known area.  We know what to expect...we bare it and just keep blindly and numbingly move on with our life.   At times completely hating every minute of it but to afraid and I guess comfortable to take the steps to get out of that situation.   Make any more sense now?

For the most part,  I have made the changes necessary  to move out of those uncomfortable comfort zones but there are a couple of areas I need to still work on to improve.  Yesterday,  I took a step out of that was scaring but so positive and uplifting...knowing that I'm ready to take the steps needed to take the power back for this one part of my life.


Before my meeting, I was nervous, nauseous,  and shaking but I reminded myself I was meeting with friends.  Friends that I have known for decades...and I knew that this meeting was going to be a step to get out of the uncomfortable situation. 

It was an amazing start to my day and helped give me the attitude adjustment that I needed.  I was reminded that anything is possible if we break it down into one small little goal at a time and I was successful it reaching this first mini goal.  

I took this photo as I was leaving the house to go to that meeting yesterday  

I was so nervous but yet energized and ready.  I was scared but did it any way.   It is totally possible for you to also take those mini goals to take the steps needed to get you out of that uncomfortable comfort zone.  One of my major goals is to be able to help be an accountability coach in working with others to also get out of their uncomfortable comfort zones.  

Are you ready to take that first step?